25th January 2021

Use The Lockdown Wisely - A Great Time For Painting Floors!

floor paint for property maintenance in lockdownIf you’re undertaking maintenance during the Lockdown, NOW is the time to order your paints and coatings. NOW is the time to think about site maintenance and refurbishing existing floor surfaces.

Over a third of all major workplace injuries are a result of a slip or trip. Almost all of these involve broken bones. These incidents cost employers hundreds of millions of pounds a year in lost production and other costs. They are the single most common cause of injuries at work and they occur in almost all kinds of workplace. Most slips occur in wet or contaminated underfoot conditions: Source Ref Health & Safety Executive.

Wet floors are, inevitably, the result of the change in season with Autumn bringing rain showers, wet vegetation, leaves and other detritus that create unsafe surfaces.

Technical Paint Services’ Anti-Slip Paints are ideal for industrial and commercial floors such as those found in schools, factories, warehouses, garages, retail units and commercial kitchens. They may include loading bays, G.P. and veterinary floors, kitchens and reception areas, walkways and external stairs, plant rooms, pool surrounds, shower areas and communal changing areas. Chemical, Urine and Faeces Resistant Anti-Slip Paints are also available.

Specialist surface preparation may be needed. Please contact our Technical Team on 01202 295570. Call or EMAIL us NOW to be sure your Lockdown order is in hand.

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