28th February 2018

What's Trending in Swimming Pool Colour?

TRENDING - New for the 2018 season, two exciting new colours as standard in WB148 Pool Paint. Following the recent upsurge in the popularity of Greys in all paints, we are pleased to introduce in WB148, Blue Grey BS18B17 & Storm Grey BS18B25. They follow on from a desire for a neutral and natural look which accentuates the colours of the pool surrounds and reduces the "brightness" of the pool itself. In stock.

For the third year running, despite increases for the cost of our materials, we have managed to hold the price of WB148 Swimming Pool Paint in standard colours. THIS IS THE BETTER, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, WATER-BASED, EASY TO USE OPTION. With two new exciting colours Blue Grey BS18B17 & Storm Grey BS18B25.

GREY (Blue Grey BS18B17 & Storm Grey BS18B25) Water based Swimming Pool Paint, now included in our "Popular Colour" range. 100% pure Acrylic, suitable for application to all types of porous substrates and other pool coatings. Exhibiting excellent water resistance and also suitable as a coating for inside concrete ponds. Ideal for swimming pool, health spa and hydrotherapy pool maintenance.