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Colours ~ British Standard 381C Paint Colour Chart

The British Standard 381C colour paint range is offered in a limited number of products and a minimum of 5 Litres per colour. BS381C is a range of special and mixed colours, particularly for military use. Please note colours marked * are available to mix and purchase but are not shown on our printed colour cards.

We also have a range of metallic colours including Silvers and Golds ideally suited to wrought iron applications. These are excellent options in instances where budget limitations preclude the use of Gold Leaf. Suitable for both internal and external decorative and architectural effects. BS4800 & RAL colours also available.

For further information please also see the Surfaces and Product pages of our site. All products can be found in our Product pages and are listed with individual pricing. Alternatively, please use the "Search" window in the top right corner of each page.
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BS381C Colour Chart. Due to differences in screen displays that are beyond our control, the colours on these pages cannot be guaranteed to match the actual colour of the manufactured product. All colours shown here are for guidance only.

Many of our products are temperature sensitive and have an optimum temperature application range to ensure their best performance. We recommend that you check your local weather conditions prior to starting your project. Visit the BBC Weather Site for your area.

BS381 Colours

BS381 101

Sky blue


*BS381C 102


BS381 103


BS381 104

Azure blue

BS381 105

Oxford blue

BS381 106

Royal blue

BS381 107

Strong blue

BS381 108

Aircraft blue

BS381 109

Middle blue

BS381 110

Roundle blue

BS381 111

Pale blue

BS381 112

Arctic blue

BS381 113

Deep saxe

*BS381 114

Rail blue

*BS381 115

Cobalt blue

BS381 166

French blue

BS381 172

Pale roundle blue

BS381 175

Light French blue

BS381 216

Eau de Nil

BS381 217

Sea green

BS381 218 Grass Green

BS381 218

Grass green

BS381C 220

Olive green

BS381 221

Brilliant green

*BS381 222

Light bronze green

BS381 223

Middle bronze green

BS381 224

Deep bronze green

BS381 225

Light Brunswick green

BS381 226

Mid Brunswick green

BS381 227

Deep Brunswick green

BS381 228

Emerald green

BS381 241

Dark green

BS381 262

Bold green

BS381 267

Deep chrome green

*BS381 275

Opaline green

*BS381 278

Light olive green

BS381 280

Verdigris green

*BS381 282

Forest green

BS381 283

Aircraft grey green

BS381 284

Spruce green

BS381 285

NATO green

BS381 298

Olive drab

BS381C 309

Canary yellow

BS381 310


BS381 315


BS381 320

Light brown

BS381 337

Very dark drab

*BS381 350

Dark earth

BS381 352

Pale cream

BS381 353

Deep cream

BS381 355


BS381 356

Golden yellow

BS381 358

Light buff

*BS381 359

Middle buff

BS381 361

Light stone

BS381 363

Bold yellow

BS381 365


BS381 366

Light beige

BS381 367


BS381 369


BS381 380

Camouflage desert sand

BS381 384

Light straw

BS381 388


BS381 389

Camouflage beige

BS381 411

Middle brown

BS381 412

Dark brown

BS381 414

Golden brown

BS381 420

Dk cam'flage desert sand

*BS381 435

Camouflage red

BS381 436

Dark camouflage brown

*BS381 444


BS381 445

Venetian red

*BS381 446

Red oxide

BS381 447

Salmon pink

*BS381 448

Deep Indian red

*BS381 449

Light purple brown

*BS381 452

Dark crimson

BS381 453

Shell pink

BS381 454

Pale roundel red

*BS381 460

Deep Buff

*BS381 473

Gulf red

*BS381 489

Leaf brown

BS381 499

Service brown

BS381 537

Signal red

BS381 538


BS381 539

Currant red

*BS381 540


BS381 541


BS381 542


BS381 557

Light orange

BS381 564

Bold red

BS381 568


BS381 592

International orange

BS381 593

Rail red

BS381 626

Camouflage grey

BS381 627

Light aircraft grey

BS381 629

Dark camouflage grey

BS381 630

French grey

BS381 631

Light grey

BS381 632

Dark admiralty grey

*BS381 633

RAF blue-grey

*BS381 634


*BS381 635


*BS381 636

PRU blue

BS381 637

Medium sea grey

BS381 638

Dark sea grey

*BS381 639

Light slate grey

*BS381 640

Extra dark sea grey

BS381 642


*BS381 671

Middle graphite

BS381 676

Light weatherwork grey

BS381 677

Dark weatherwork grey

BS381 692

Smoke grey

BS381 693

Aircraft grey

BS381 694

Dove grey

BS381 697

Light admiralty grey

BS381 796

Dark violet

BS381 797

Light violet

BS381 210

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