Our approach to helping pool owners.

All pool owners have been and continue to face massive hikes in running and maintenance costs; heating, chemicals and water etc. Many owners have avoided use of their pool altogether or have neglected essential maintenance because of this, but at what point does the pool become unusable? Hard choices may need to be taken. Here at Technical Paint Services, we have seen a huge shift from solvent based coatings to water based options - environmentally safer, lower carbon footprint, and cheaper alternatives; namely our Water Based WB148 Acrylic single pack pool paint. This can be applied by most DIY enthusiasts, whereas solvent based coatings should be applied professionally because of Health & Safety considerations. SEE OUR Pool Paint Comparison CHART for guidance.

Below is such a refurbishment project from this summer to inspire you! We are always on-hand to guide you through any such transformation: If you need help, PLEASE CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL TEAM.

Furthermore, to help keep costs down, we are pleased to confirm ALL of our prices are held until 31st December 2023.

Transformation of unloved Swimming Pool!
Our client, based in St Helier, Jersey, contacted our Technical Team earlier this year for advice regarding the restoration of a once much loved swimming pool, more recently neglected due to their thriving business and now grown-up chilldren having 'flown the nest'.

Left to its own devices for a few years, the pool was generally in a very good state and required only an extreme 'deep clean' and a couple of coats of our Water Based WB148 Swimming Pool Paint (BS18E51 'Larkspur' colour choice) to glam it up to its former glory! Our advice was to thoroughly clean, treat with Acid Wash, check for any imperfections (nothing doing!) and re-coat. And what a transformation!

We arranged shipment to Woodside Logistics in Portsmouth from where our client arranged the onward shipment to Jersey.

"Hey Chris. You have been amazingly helpful and I really appreciate it. Super thrilled with your advice and the results, not so impressed with the summer weather!" Clair Le Boutillier, owner.

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