Professional or DIY Paints - Making the right choice

Professional or DIY Paint - What is the difference?
There are many important differences between Professional and DIY paints. Professional paints need to last longer and be more versatile, whilst meeting the high demands of all specifiers, contractors, professional users and their clients. These products will often form a significant part of long-term maintenance schedules.

Here are the main differences:

  • Easier Application - Professional paints are designed to cover the substrate better even after thinning - this is important from a time factor and can save money and avoid extra coats.
  • Excellent Coverage - Professional paints have a higher spread rate than DIY - important for budgetry controls.
  • Greater Value - Larger pack sizes are more economical.
  • Improved Durability - Professional paints use better ingredients and are regularly tested to ensure they meet the demanding standards of specifiers, contractors and their clients.
  • Professional Options - Professional paint ranges provide a greater choice of products designed for specific substrates, environmental conditions and finish. This ensures you are more likely to have the right coatings for any individual project.

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