Technical Paint Services Supply Chlorinated Rubber Paint for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

anti-slip paint for external walkwaysChengdu ‘The Abundant Land’ and the ‘Treasure of Sichuan’
The Silk Road Garden is inspired by the rich history and culture of Chengdu, located on the ancient Silk Road Trade Route within Sichuan province, and since ancient times known as ‘the Abundant Land’ and ‘Nature’s Storehouse’ thanks to its fertile soil and favourable climate. 

The form of the garden is a stylised portrayal of the drama and variety of the different landscape features of Chengdu and the mountains, plains, rivers and lowlands of surrounding Sichuan Province, and the region’s varied topography and climate, which result in a wide variety of indigenous plant species. It also represents Chengdu and Sichuan's rich culture, with the colour red used to symbolise happiness and good fortune in China and elements representing Sichuan opera tradition.

Design and Construction 
The design takes full advantage of the multiple viewpoints that are a unique feature of the Triangle Site. A main London sewer runs directly under the site requiring different methods of design, engineering and construction that do not involve digging down.

Tall pre-fabricated panel ‘fins’ and flat gravelled areas represent the mountains and plains of Sichuan Province; the Silk Road path is the ancient trade route on which Chengdu sits; the water feature recalls Chengdu’s 3rd century BC water management system; the central theatre’s sun symbol depicts the legend of the Sun and Immortal Birds and Chengdu’s vibrant culture.

Technical Paint Services
Chetwood Architects contacted Technical Paint Services after the coating they had initially tested was deemed unsafe and not suitable for walking on and lacking 'slip resistance'.

We were asked by Chetwood Architects to specify a coating suitable for use on both the upright display 'fins' and the walkways or 'Silk Road' pathway. It was necessary for the specification to meet Health & Safety requirements and be available in the range of colours necessary to meet the creative demands of the stand design. Our specification of R34 Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint (used as a basecoat) & R35 Chlorinated Rubber Anti-Slip Paint (Bespoke Colour Range) (applied as an anti-slip surface treatment), was supplied in quantities suitable for H&S testing requirements. Having met the standards required, the paints were supplied to Masters Exhibitions who were responsible for the coating work and stand construction. By this stage, very little time remained available for colour testing, production and delivery, yet we were able to satisfy all requirements with the materials produced and delivered to the construction team within 10 days.

In addition to being a single-pack product combined with a great choice of colours, R35 was considered to be an ideal solution for this project due to its submersible and anti-slip properties as well as its overnight drying time, meaning painted components could be handled by the construction team in the morning following application. Equally important, the paint could be easily and conveniently "touched-up" for overnight stand maintenance on areas of wear or damage. Selected colours available to buy online. Buy R34 online. Buy R35 online.

"Hi Chris,

Once again thanks for turning round the paint orders for the Chengdu Silk Road Garden at such a short notice. As you might know, the garden was awarded the Silver Gilt Award for the show garden, featured in the media quite a lot and, what is most important, was loved by the public!"

Best regards,
Michal Natora
Associate, Chetwoods Architects

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The garden has been designed to be moved to China, with its pre-fabricated modular structure developed to allow it to be dis-assembled and delivered to Chengdu after the event to launch an ambitious city-wide project ‘Flower-shrouded Chengdu’, to include building 20 large-scale gardens in the city suburbs.

The challenges of the sewer and the client’s intention to relocate the garden to China brought together in a holistic way the disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Design and Engineering to create a workable solution. Further design input included art students and school children producing the art installation elements and insect hotel, reflecting the important role of Chengdu in conservation including the Giant Panda.

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Garden Design: Patrick Collins -
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