About Technical Paint Services

Technical Paint Services is an independent paint manufacturer and supplier, offering a range of specialist paints and coatings, trade paints and a technical paint advice service. Please call or email with details of your enquiry or order. When using EMAIL, PLEASE provide as much information as possible with regard to the surface to be painted, such as new or old, previously treated or bare, the environment (such as a humid pool area or a floor with high levels of traffic/footfall), etc. Thank you. 

Please note we are not decorating contractors and do not provide a painting/application service.

We offer a full, free advisory service to help you before you paint. Just EMAIL US with a broad outline of your project, ideally with photos to show the condition of the substrate. We will assess your situation and give you our recommendations along with a painting specification and timings to help achieve your end result. If the condition of the substrate is too damaged or outside of our product range, then we will advise you accordingly.

We have a vast range of mainstream and specialist products suitable for industrial, commercial, coastal, rural or city environments. We also have over 75 years of expertise to call upon so we rarely come across a requirement we haven’t seen before and we can supply both water based and solvent based systems for professional and trade use.

Popular, specialist paints include Swimming Pool Paint, Swimming Pool Hall & Enclosure Paint, Squash Court Paint and Tennis Court Paintwhich are available in the majority of colours and finishes across the BS4800 and RAL colour ranges. There is a demand from decorators for alternatives to lead-based paints which we are pleased to manufacture and continue to offer as excellent options to lead products; please see our A49 Exterior Range.

As the seasons change, it is important that you are aware of the optimum weather and temperature conditions for maximising your painting opportunities. All to quickly Winter moves pleasingly into Spring which is a mixed bag for external painting. Often still cold and damp, substrates will not readily nor easily dry out. But there are very often some mild days which may offer a small painting window for solvent-based coatings to be applied and more importantly, to dry and cure! This would provide a particularly good time to repaint WOOD See MORE...

Further down the line it will be the time to think about internal site maintenance and refurbishing existing floor surfaces. Over a third of all major workplace injuries are the result of a slip or trip. These incidents cost employers hundreds of millions of pounds a year in lost production and other costs. They are the single most common cause of injuries at work and they occur in almost all kinds of workplace. Most slips occur in wet or contaminated underfoot conditions.

Wet floors are, inevitably, the result of the change in season with the Winter months bringing rain showers, wet vegetation, leaves and other detritus that create unsafe surfaces. Technical Paint Services’ anti-slip paints are ideal for industrial and commercial floors such as those found in schools, factories, warehouses, garages, retail units and commercial kitchens. They may include loading bays, G.P. & veterinary floors, kitchens and reception areas, walkways and external stairs, plant rooms, pool surrounds, shower areas and communal changing areas. Chemical, urine and faeces resistant anti-slip paints are also available.

Our A109 range, A1040 Multi Purpose Paint and our Chlorinated Rubber Coatings (R10, RP10, R34, R35) are all suitable for these conditions and are certainly worth having available within your "portfolio" of Autumnal and Winter paints. Of course painting internally is the most obvious thing to address, especially with the shut-down of facilities and Christmas closures such as Schools and factories etc.

Many of our products are temperature sensitive and have an optimum temperature application range to ensure their best performance. We recommend that you check your local weather conditions prior to starting your project. Visit the BBC Weather Site for your area.

Always allow each coat to fully cure as per the Technical Data Sheet instructions…”touch dry” is NOT fully cured or recoatable. With over 75 years of experience and a few Winters behind us, we can advise you fully, along with a specification and application advice…just ask.

Whatever the surface or job in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of coatings: from ROOFS to FLOORS, WALLS or PLANT and SILOs, TENNIS COURTS and MUGAs.

Please contact our Technical Team for advice and product suitability. CALL 01202 295570.

If you are suffering with “Solar Gain” (greenhouse effect) from a glass, asphalt or metal roof, see our Solar Reflective and Anti-glare water based or solvent based products. Now is a great time to give your ROOF some protection.

Once you have established the ideal end-result for your project, refer to our Substrate Index for product options and take a few invaluable moments to read our Painting Guides - see below.



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