Frequently Asked Questions.

We are regularly approached with a variety of questions by professional decorators, architects, builders & paint merchants and of course DIY enthusiasts alike. The following list is representative of some of the queries we deal with on a day to day basis, but is by no means comprehensive! Please email or call us for paint advice on 01202 295570.

Q: Can I paint my concrete fish pond and smarten up my swimming pool?
A: Yes it’s easy using our A148 Swimming Pool and Pond Paint. Available in 48 colours, it is non toxic and will give many years of protection.

Q: This may sound odd, but my greenhouse is getting very hot; can you help prevent this?
A: Try our Anti-Glare coating in temporary or permanent finish which will help reflect the sun, keeping the greenhouse cooler.

Q: I have an old asbestos garage which I don’t want to dismantle. Can we paint it safely?
A: To encapsulate asbestos, use E27 Acrylic Paint which will seal and protect the surface. As with many substrates and paint systems, it is important that you read the relevant Data Sheet before use. Clear finish also available.

Q: I have read that we should not use solvent-based paints but I have to paint my radiators with heat resistant paint, which is a solvent based product. Do you produce and supply this paint?
A: We keep a full range of solvent paints for professional use. If you are considering using these products within your home, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional tradesman.

Q: I am about to completely redecorate my elderly mothers old property. Do I need to clean & sand back all surfaces before we paint?
A: No, not necessarily. Call or email us with details of the surface type and condition and we will confirm the best procedure.

Q: Our tarmac drive looks old and grey. Is there a product that will rejuvenate the appearance?
A: Absolutely! Refresh it with E27 Acrylic paint in Black, or a choice of BS4800 colours or B1/10 in Black only.

Q: The tiles in my bath room are looking old and out of date but I don’t want to risk removing them from the wall. Can we paint them and if so, do you supply the right paint?
A: Yes it is straightforward to paint over them using two coats of A174 Ceramic Tile Finish.

Q: My old garage floor is flaking but I don’t want to paint it with a coloured paint. Can you suggest something?
A: Try ES27 Acrylic Clear Sealer to stop the dust. This seal creates a protective, easy clean and washable surface for areas of heavy wear.

Q: I have heard that there are changes in legislation regarding solvent based paints. Do you have water based alternatives?
A: TPS offer alternatives to most solvent based finishes and we are happy to discuss. Just call us on 0845 230 1244.

Q: I manage a large decorating contractor company. With the constant development of new substrates and the effect of the “Green” movement, are you able to keep me up to date with new legislation?
A: Visit the Health & Safety page of our web site which is regularly updated to advise changes in the law.

Q: Can you match colours across reference systems?
A: Technical Paint Services provide a colour matching service and where possible will cross match between standard ranges.

Q: I have got an old marble fireplace. Can this be painted?
A: Certainly. Our product A174 Tile Paint will resist up to 100 Degrees C and is available in a range of tinted colours.

Q: If I send a sample in the post can you tell me if I can paint it?
A: Yes we are regularly conducting tests and will do our utmost to ensure you that you get the correct paint or coating.

Q: I am advising a client on a Listed Building and I have been told by English Heritage that I must use lead based paint; can you advise me?
A: Please contact us and see our Health & Safety page and call or email our Technical Department to discuss.

Q: We recently moved house and I would like to paint the swimming pool; have you any advice as I have never done this before?
A: We can help you prepare and paint your swimming pool. Please download and read our FREE Guide to painting swimming pools.

Q: We are undertaking our own Sports Club court maintenance this year to help the club save money. Do you sell squash court paint and how do we go about the task? Please advise.
A: Hi there. We make and sell our own squash court paint and also tennis court paint if your club has tennis facilities. Please see our FREE Guide to preparing and painting a squash court