10th May 2022

Wow - What a View From That Swimming Pool!

technical paint services swimming pool paintWe were recently contacted by a swimming pool owner from the Channel Islands who had been recommended to us, by a friend of his, regarding our range of Swimming Pool Paints. Mr Griggs required advice regarding repairs and preparation of his older concrete pool, prior to re-painting.

Once we had discussed the condition of the drained pool and of the window of opportunity regarding the weather, we were able to recommend the pool be thoroughly cleaned and degreased with Acid Wash Cleaner, before repairs were undertaken with a solvent-free, two-part epoxy mortar for quick and durable application to the pool tank. In this instance, we recommended a mortar available from Travis Perkins: Cementone General Purpose Epoxy Patching Mortar.

Once the repair work had been undertaken, our WB148 Water Based Swimming Pool Paint was recommended for ease of use, applied by brush and roller. Two coats of colour BS18E51 Larkspur were applied to the pool tank, producing a stunning finish, enhanced by the beautiful, natural setting and backdrop of the location.

Due to current freight and transit restrictions, carriage was arranged by Mr Griggs via the freight-forwarding company

If you have a pool with a stunning backdrop and need advice on your pool preparation and painting, please send us your pics and requirement!

We have a vast range of mainstream and specialist products suitable for industrial, commercial, coastal, rural or city environments. We also have over 75 years of expertise to call upon so we rarely come across a requirement we haven’t seen before and we can supply both water based and solvent based systems for professional and trade use. If in doubt or you need guidance, just pop us an EMail or give our Team a call on 01202 295570.