7th June 2024

Election Blues, Reds, Yellows, and Greens: PQ96 Roadline Paint Has Them All!

 As the UK gears up for the forthcoming General Election, there’s a vibrant buzz in the air. Whether you're aligning with blues, reds, yellows, or greens this election season (other colours to choose from or to support!), Technical Paint Services has got you covered! Introducing our PQ96 Roadline Paint, available in an array of colours to suit all your road marking needs.

PQ96 Roadline Paint: The Perfect Choice for Multiple Surfaces.
Our PQ96 Roadline Paint is specifically formulated to deliver outstanding performance on a variety of surfaces. Whether you're marking out roads, sports courts, or car parks, PQ96 ensures durable and highly visible lines that stand the test of time.

Why Choose PQ96 Roadline Paint?
Versatility: Suitable for multiple surfaces including asphalt, concrete, and more.
Durability: Designed to withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.
Visibility: Available in a range of vibrant colours including blue, red, yellow, and green, ensuring maximum visibility and clarity.

Match Your Markings with Election Colours.
This election season, let your road and sport line markings reflect the vibrant political landscape. With PQ96 Roadline Paint, you can choose from a spectrum of colours:
Blues: Represent the cool, calm, and collected.
Reds: Make a bold, powerful statement.
Yellows: Stand out with brightness and energy.
Greens: Embrace freshness and sustainability.

Order Your PQ96 Roadline Paint Today!
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add a splash of election spirit to your road markings. Visit our website at Technical Paint Services to explore the full range of PQ96 Roadline Paint colours and place your order today.line marking paint colours

Available in the following colours and finishes:
White - Smooth or Gritted.
Yellow - Smooth or Gritted.
Blue - Smooth or Gritted.
Red - Smooth or Gritted
Green - Smooth or Gritted.
Black - Smooth or Gritted.
Orange - Smooth or Gritted.
Price: £41.00 +VAT per 5.0 Litres. STILL at 2023 PRICE!

CALL 01202 295570 to ORDER.

Coverage: 30 sq metres per 5.0 Litres per coat @ 30 microns dry film thickness.

Contact Us for More Information.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, our team is here to help. Contact us by EMail, visit our Online Shop, or call us directly on 01202 295570. Let Technical Paint Services help you make your mark this election season with PQ96 Roadline Paint!

Technical Paint Services: Quality You Can Trust.
At Technical Paint Services, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality paint solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our PQ96 Roadline Paint is just one example of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the paint industry.

Make a statement this election season with the vibrant colours of PQ96 Roadline Paint. Whether you're blue, red, yellow, or green, we’ve got the perfect shade for you!