9th August 2018

Available now. Heat Resistant, High, Medium & Low Temperature Paints.

suppliers of high performance paints and coatings for use in hot, aggressive and demanding environments

A range of high performance paints and coatings for use in high temperature, aggressive and demanding environments. Designed for professional application to protect valuable industrial infrastructure and process plants. See Range.

Includes High, Medium and Low Temperature Paints and Coatings suitable for use on surfaces with high operating temperatures. A range of primers and finishes in limited colour ranges. Typical applications include boilers, industrial ovens and chimneys, exhausts, commercial gas fires and heating radiators.

Please note that all of the above should be applied to an un-heated surface and fully cured prior to full use.

For Degreasers and Cleaners, please see our PRE-TREATMENT category.

Specialist surface preparation may be needed. Please contact our Technical Team on 01202 295570.