16th October 2023

I just wanted to say how fantastic your acrylic swimming pool paint is!

buy water based swimming pool paint online"Hi Guys.

So it's Saturday night (no I've not been drinking!), and I just wanted to say how fantastic your acrylic swimming pool paint is!

I have spent the last 6 years using chlorinated rubber paint on my Japanese Onsen, knowing it gave me migraines each time I painted (even with mask), it wasn't stable - hot water and chlorine treatment over the years has eaten away the paint/made it bubble and become spongy, and took weeks for the fumes to dissipate each time. Not ideal when you are operating a business that relies on the pool. I was facing the prospect of having to tile the whole thing at great cost. Then I happened upon you guys. I've completely resurfaced the pool, painted with your acrylic water based swimming pool paint I bought 23rd April and only today have I finally been able to test it - having waited for it to cure.

And it works! Not only that, it covers beautifully, has no fumes (great for the guests too!), is really nice and matt so it's effectively 'non-slip'. Goodness, you cannot appreciate how much of a life changer this is for me! Yes, it's just paint but truly revolutionary!

Thank you so much. Please stay in business for years and years and years because I will be coming back for more. Oh and it came super quick too! Have attached pic of our pool.

Cheers from one happy customer."

Siobhan Williams (Owner - HOF Hut | HOF Cottage | HOF Gallery)

NOTE from Editor: We are seeing more and more customers 'switching' to water based paints of which there are numerous benefits. In contrast to solvent or oil based paints, water based paints produce far fewer VOCs meaning they do not produce gases that can cause damage to the ozone making them a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution.

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