2nd October 2023

Prices FROZEN! Supply & Pricing Update

Following a turbulent couple of years of supply-chain disruption, raw material shortages and fuel price increases, we, like many businesses, are facing price inceases from many of our suppliers. Prices are continuing to rise to unheard of levels, with almost every supplier guaranteeing their prices for only 30 days following submission of a Quotation or Estimate. However, to help our customers plan their projects and purchase our products ahead of use, we have taken the decision that all our products will remain at their current price until December 31st 2023.

Plan ahead and buy with confidence. Any orders placed and paid for in full, before December 31st, will be charged at the current price. For example, you may be planning to refurbish your Indoor Swimming Pool or Pool Housing for Winter use, so why not order now and make potential savings. By ordering and paying for your paint now, you will benefit from our current pricing ahead of any increase in January. Further, we will happily hold on to your order for delivery until the end of January before you start your project.

If you have any questions or want to chat through the details of your proposed project, please call us on 01202 295570