25th October 2016

YMCA - The Junction Sports and Leisure Centre Broadstone, Poole, Dorset. The Junction Broadstone swimming pool refurbishment.

The Junction Broadstone swimming pool refurbishment.

chlorinated rubber swimming pool paintTechnical Paints Services were approached by The Junction, a busy and popular local community sports centre owned and run by the YMCA.

Looking for help and guidance on the refurbishment of their swimming pool hall, Andrew the Pool and Maintenance Manager contacted us to arrange a site visit and detailed inspection. Issues that confronted them, and us as a supplier, were not being able to empty the swimming pool and due to a lack of funding, not being able to bring in an outside decorating company to carry out the refurbishment. It would therefore be necessary for us to work alongside the in-house YMCA Maintenance Team who would be tackling the work themselves, compounded by a lack of down-time for the refurbishment which needed to be completed within a short, four-week period of closure.

There were four areas to be painted; block walls, powder-coated window frames, an overflow gully and overflow tank and new ducting work. The block wall areas were in good condition with a glossy finish in a very bright yellow colour, the powder-coated window frames required an overcoat and were also finished in bright yellow. The new galvanized ducting work was treated as a new substrate.

However, the overflow gulley and tank were in poor condition and should ideally have been re-rendered but this was not going to be possible in the short time available. The pool hall itself presented practical issues in that the hall walls were extremely close to the pool edge and when the was in constant use, were likely to be regularly splashed and would require coating in a finish that could tolerate the effects of splashing chlorine water.

After suitable preparation, the block walls were primed in our new WBP1030 Primer. This coat would help “isolate” the old painted surface and provide a suitable base for two top coats of our R1007 Acrylated Rubber Finish in a new softer colour, BS4800 22B15.

The ducting work was new bright galvanized which had to be “pacified” with X85 Mordant Solution followed by AP79 Primer and a sprayed finish of black R1007 Acrylated Rubber Finish. As this was all new material, the ducting was prepared in the workshop area prior to installation.

The powder-coated window frames were in relatively good condition but experienced condensation and running water across the glass and metal frames, so a coating that could tolerate these circumstances would be required. Our WBP1020 Two Pack Primer followed by R10 Chlorinated Rubber Finish were recommended as they could tolerate these conditions and provide the longevity required.

The overflow gully and tank presented the biggest issue as the rendered concrete surfaces were in such poor condition and should ideally have been re-surfaced. Without sufficient time or budget, re-rendering was not an option so a compromise was agreed upon, with the understanding that there could potentially be some issues at a later stage.

All areas of the gully and overflow tank required sanding back to remove the old coating and the friable surface which were allowed to fully dry for 7 days, followed by application of one coat of WBP1020 Two Pack Primer. 48 hours drying time then helped bond the surface and give a suitable base for two top coats of A148 Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint.

Special precautions had to be taken when painting the overflow tank as this was in a confined space with no airflow. Force extraction was advised to help with airflow and a local hire company was bought in to advise on the correct size of machine, safety precautions and the type of protective masks that should be used.

To overcome not being able to empty the pool, a specialist team was bought in before the scaffolding was erected to place an insulating cover to seal the pool to reduce condensation and humidity, thus providing suitable atmospheric conditions for painting.

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