Technical Paint Services primersA range of primers and undercoats developed for a variety of situations or for particular specialist and/or high performance finishes.






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100% Acrylic Emulsion Primer Creamy White & Grey EP27 [See more]

EP27. Acrylic Water Based Primer in Creamy White & Grey. A water based 100% pure acrylic primer for use with E27 Acrylic Paint. Suitable for swimming pool surrounds, pool hall walls, swimming pool ceilings and roof areas. Ideal for swimming pool maintenance projects. A textured primer, EPT27 is also available.

Coverage: 40 - 50 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

2 Primer for Squash Court walls AS147 [See more]

Primer for squash court walls. For painting and maintaining squash court walls. This water-based 100% pure acrylic primer is suitable for all types of substrate. In White.

Coverage: 50 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

Free Guide: How to Paint a Squash Court. 

Please Note: England Squash is always available to assist with and advise on all aspects of squash court maintenance and repair.

Alkali Resisting Primer, White AS56 [See more]

Alkali Resisting Primer, White. A specially formulated alkali resisting white primer based on alkyd resin.

Coverage: 40 - 60 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

Bitumen & Creosote Sealer (Aluminium Pigmented) BS1/60 [See more]

A spirit based Aluminium pigmented sealer with excellent isolating properties.

Coverage: Approximately 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

Chlorinated Rubber Primer (with Zinc Phosphate) Grey & Light Cream RP10 [See more]

Chlorinated Rubber Zinc Phosphate Primer. A fast drying anti-corrosive Chlorinated Rubber based primer, pigmented with Zinc Phosphate. Can be used for veterinary clinics, milking parlours, stables, kennels and catteries. Ideal for ornamental ponds and pond features.

Coverage: 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres giving a dry film thickness of 50 microns.

Decorators Aluminium Wood Primer APM49 [See more]

A modified, oil bound primer containing flake aluminium, designed for application to all hardwoods like Oak, Teak, Walnut and Sapele, and is also suitable for plywood and hardboard.

Coverage: 50 - 60 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

Decorators Lead Free Primer, AP49 [See more]

A traditional lead free decorators primer formulated on a traditional recipe. The A49 Range is based on a blend of natural linseed oil and synthetic alkyd resin, thus giving the paint better flow and film build, faster setting and drying. An excellent alternative to lead-based paints. The Primer is offered in Grey, Cream and Pink.

Heat Resistant Low Temperature Primer (110C) Red Oxide & Grey HP46 [See more]

Heat Resistant Low Temperature Primer (110°C). A quick drying anti-corrosive primer, resistant to temperatures up to 110°C. Available in Red Oxide and Grey. Suitable for use under most finishes.

Coverage: 40 - 50 sq metres per 5.0 Litres @ 25 microns dry film thickness.

Heat Resistant Medium Temperature Anti-corrosive Red Oxide Primer (350C) HP45 [See more]

Heat Resistant, Medium Temperature Anti-corrosive Red Oxide Primer. A specially formulated primer, resistant to temperatures up to 350°C.

Coverage: 30 - 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres @ 25 microns dry film thickness.

High Build Metal Primer, Grey & Red Oxide WBP185 [See more]

A high performance, water based, high build primer. Incorporates a chemical rust converter which exhibits excellent adhesion to ferrous and non ferrous substrates, affording a tough, durable coating. (Subject to minimum batch mixes).

Tennis Court Surface Primer, Binder APG149 [See more]

Tennis Court Surface Primer, Preparer/Binder. A specially formulated water-based, lightly textured pigmented primer designed to help bind and stabilise the tennis court surface as a base coat preparer for A149 or AG149 Tennis court coatings.

Available in 20.0 Litre containers in clear or pigmented finish.

Two Pack Epoxy Multi Surface Chemical Resistant Primer in Grey & White WBP1020 [See more]

Durable chemical-resistant epoxy primer for use on concrete, brick, tile, steel and non-ferrous metals, and a wide range of other substrates. Low odour suitable for food factories, dairies, etc. Available in Grey & White in 5.0 Litre composite containers.

Coverage: 10.4m² per litre at 50 microns, subject to substrate.