Tennis Court Paint, Line & Marking Paints

paint for tennis courtsCALL 01202 295570 to ORDER. Makers and suppliers of Tennis Court Paint. Paint for outdoor sports and games surfaces. A wide range of sports paints, primers, binders, coatings and colours for the professional or DIY refurbishment of sport facilities. Tennis court paint, MUGA and playground surface paint and Racquetball court paint.

If you maintain or have responsibility for tennis court maintenance, look no further for your paints and primers. "How much does it cost to paint a tennis court?" Email for details.

PQ149 Tennis Court Paint Kit. A low priced, acrylic based paint for Tennis Courts, MUGAs & Playgrounds. Low gloss, produced with a non-slip additive for application to asphalt, macadam and concrete tennis courts. Specially made for price sensitive projects. Kit Price.

Olive Green
£1300.00 +VAT.
Fern Green
£1300.00 +VAT.
20.0 Litre container of the above colours available at just £132.00 +VAT.

PQL149 Sports Pitch, Arena and Court Line Marking Paint. A low gloss tennis court paint designed specifically for application to asphalt, macadam and concrete tennis courts. Ideal for tennis courts, playgrounds, sports arena surfaces, MUGAs etc.

A limited range of recycled court paints and coatings for large sports halls is offered for price sensitive or green considerations. Please call us for availability. 01202 295570.

For tennis court dimensions, see our Tennis Court Size Specification guide.