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discount specialist and performance paints and coatingsPaint Price Deals - Special offers on paints. We always have a range of paints available at a "special offer price" or discounted compared to the normal or recommended price. A hand-picked range of selected paints available at a "Special Offer Price". Please Note that all Special Offer products are subject to minimum orders and are available while stocks last. Technical Data Sheets, whilst accurate for product performance, may not represent colour and size availability of Special Offer products.

Monthly Offers will be made available from time to time with special discounted prices or reduced delivery charges applying for the promotional period.

Special & Monthly Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions unless stated.

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Low Price Outdoor Acrylic Tennis Court Paint, Contract Grade AG149 [See more]

11 x 20 Litres of AG149 Tennis Court Paint*. This amount of paint should be sufficient for a standard size court and average size "out of play" area.

AG149 Tennis Court Paint. APRIL OFFER: AG149 Storm Grey 11 x 20.0 Litres WAS £985.00 - April only NOW £885.00!
Low price tennis court paint. A single pack water based coating, designed for application to porous, allweather macadam Tennis Courts, Playgrounds and other Sports/MUGA Surfaces (including asphalt and concrete). AG149 has been formulated and developed using water-based acrylic resin technology, providing an environmentally safe, non-slip playing surface containing the required player/surface/ball interaction characteristics. Also suitable for car parks and other public areas.

Coverage: 15 - 20 sq metres per 5.0 Litres depending on porosity of surface. This amount of paint should be sufficient for a standard size court and average size "out of play" area.

Grey Tennis Court Surface Binder. Also available to help prepare your court for re-painting: Tennis Court Surface Binder/Preparer. A specially formulated water-based, lightly textured pigmented primer designed to help bind and stabilise the court surface as a base coat for A149 or AG149 Tennis court coatings.

Universal Synthetic Thinners UTR112 [See more]

A specially formulated synthetic thinners suitable for use with all alkyd, chlorinated rubber and one pack polyurethane paint finishes.