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Premium Quality Paints & Products

Premium Quality Products

A range of reformulated products designed to give optimum performance at a competitive price. Initially introduced as a limited range, the selection of products will grow in number, providing greater choice and value.


Line Marking Paint for Tennis Courts and Sports Pitches PQL149 [See more]

line marking paint for tennis courtsLine Marking Paint for outdoor sports and games surfaces. Sports Pitch, Arena and Court Line Marking Paint. A low gloss line marking court paint designed specifically for application to asphalt, macadam and concrete tennis courts. Made with an anti-slip additive. Ideal for tennis courts, playgrounds, sports arena surfaces, MUGAs etc. Surface & Line/Pitch/Court Marking Paints suitable for Multi Use Game Areas.

White, Ivory, Orange, Black & Dark Green in 5.0 Litre containers. We recommend you purchase 5.0 Litres of PQL149 for the application of two coats to successfully line mark one macadam tennis court.

Coverage: 20 - 30 sq metres per 5.0 Litres depending on porosity of surface. STILL at 2023 PRICE!

Outdoor Acrylic Tennis Court Paint Kit, PQ149 [See more]

Turn your old court back to new! Paint Kit: 11 x 20 Litres of PQ149 Tennis Court Paint. Olive Green & Fern Green. This quantity of paint should be sufficient for a standard size court and average size "out of play" area. Call 01202 295570Delivery charges based on Postcode.

Olive Green
Fern Green

Turn your old court back to new with our PQ149 Tennis Court Paint. A single pack water based coating, designed for application to porous, allweather macadam Tennis Courts, Playgrounds and other Sports/MUGA Surfaces (including asphalt and concrete). PQ149 has been formulated and developed using water-based acrylic resin technology, providing an environmentally safe, non-slip playing surface containing the required player/surface/ball interaction characteristics. Also suitable for car parks and other public areas.

Coverage: 60 sq metres per 20.0 Litres depending on porosity of surface. STILL at 2023 PRICE!

Quality Floor Paint, PQ30 & PQ31 [See more]

A high quality Floor Paint suitable for interior use. Mid Grey, Mid Green, Red Oxide, Safety Yellow, Black & Orange. Ideal for seasonal maintenance.

Availability: In 5.0 Litre containers in Mid Grey, Mid Green, Red Oxide, Safety Yellow, Black & Orange as standard in a semi-gloss finish. Other colours offered with minimum order size of 120 Litres. STILL at 2023 PRICE!

A Non-Slip variant (PQ31) lead-free synthetic alkyd floor paint is also available.

Road & Sport Line Marking Paint, Choice of Colours PQ96 [See more]

 Roadline Marking Paint in a choice of colours and smooth or gritted finish. An extremely fast drying, durable roadline marking paint suitable for application to concrete, tarmac, asphalt, wood and most other surfaces.

Coverage: 30 sq metres per 5.0 Litres per coat @ 30 microns dry film thickness. STILL at 2023 PRICE!

CALL 01202 295570 to ORDER.

Tennis Court Surface Primer Binder in Grey, PQP149 [See more]

Tennis Court Surface Primer, Preparer/Binder in Grey. A specially formulated water-based, lightly textured pigmented primer designed to help bind and stabilise the tennis court surface as a base coat preparer for PQ149 Tennis court coatings. Call 01202 295570.

Available in 20.0 Litre containers in a pigmented Grey finish.