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Swimming pool paint. Paint for in the swimming pool tank. Paint for above water, for the pool enclosure, pool housing, pool hall & plant room. For new structures and refurbishments.

Paint For Swimming Pools & Pool Surrounds

CALL 01202 295570 to ORDER. Paint for swimming pool halls, pool housings, pool enclosures, pool ceilings, outdoor lido paddling pools, plant rooms and changing areas, ideal for new structures and refurbishment projects. We manufacture an extensive range of primers, intermediate coats and finishes, both in solvent and water based types, suitable for the many different substrates (surfaces) found within the swimming pool hall, pool enclosure or changing room and plant room areas. These are available in the full BS colour range and the majority of RAL colours and are suitable for murals and other artistic effects. Paints for air-conditioning and air-handling units. Paints suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools including anti-slip (non-slip) paints. R10 & RP10 are suitable for use within ornamental ponds and on water features. We recommend: Acid Wash Swimming Pool Cleaner - use as a pre-treatment for cleaning a previously painted pool. See more HERE.

We manufacture our own range of Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint and Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint. We have White Acrylic Pool paint available "off the shelf" and a range of water based pool paints and chlorinated rubber based coatings for both under and above water. Our Chlorinated Rubber Paint may be used for hydrotherapy pools and spas including canine and equine therapy pools. These animal pools should be regularly cleaned by pressure washing.

Non-slip & anti-slip pool paint and high performance multi-surface paints available. A variety of coatings to be used in pools and on pool surrounds, in pool enclosures and on pool ceilings. Smooth, gloss and non-slip paints to treat concrete and metal surfaces along with pools, changing and shower areas. Paint for paddling pools, ornamental ponds, Baptism & Blessing pools and water features. We have a fine, non-slip finish for aluminium pool copings.

Water based Contract Grade swimming pool paints now available for budget-sensitive projects.

NB. The use of Shock Treatments in pool water will attack and shorten the lifespan of ALL pool coatings; their use should be avoided.

Please see our swimming pool pre-painting PREPARATION ADVICE HERE.

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Paint For Above Water, For The Pool Enclosure, Pool Housing & Structure, Pool Hall & Plant Room
Paint For Above Water, For The Pool Enclosure, Pool Housing & Structure, Pool Hall & Plant Room
18 products
Paint For Swimming Pools, Pool Surrounds, Ponds & Paddling Pools
Paint For Swimming Pools, Pool Surrounds, Ponds & Paddling Pools
10 products


Marbelite [See more]

We do not supply paints or coatings suitable for marbelite pools or marbelite pool surrounds. Please contact our Technical Team for further advice.