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Marine & Aquatic Paints include marine gloss & two pack epoxy primers.

Marine & Aquatic Paints

CALL 01202 295570 to ORDER. These high-performance products include marine gloss and two pack epoxy primers. High-build single pack, moisture repellent anti-corrosive coatings for application to boats or steelwork in a marine environment and ideal for pontoons, cranes, gantries etc.

Fresh water products suitable for narrow boats. Sub aqua range for lock gates, sumps, sewerage farms, plant and offshore windfarms. Non-slip options available.

Our Technical Team will be happy to guide you through to the right choice. Please call us on 01202 295570.

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Marine and Boat Paints
Marine and Boat Paints
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Paints & Coatings for Sub Aquatic Environments
Paints & Coatings for Sub Aquatic Environments
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