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Marine & Sub Aquatic Paints include marine gloss & primers.

Marine & Aquatic Paints

We manufacture a variety of performance paints and coatings for sub aquatic environments and surfaces such as pontoons, lock gates, water-wheels, sumps, bunds, sewage treatment plant, windfarm floors etc. These performance paints are ideal for areas or situations where water, chemical, oil or petroleum products are spilled, splashed or flooded and create hazardous environments. High-build single pack, moisture repellent anti-corrosive coatings for application to steelwork in a marine environment and ideal for pontoons, cranes, gantries etc. Non-slip options available.

Our Technical Team will be happy to guide you through to the right choice. Please call us on 01202 295570.

Paints & Coatings for Sub Aquatic Environments
Paints & Coatings for Sub Aquatic Environments
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