Recycled Paints & Special Mixes

For many years several companies have produced Recycled/Eco friendly coatings. This has been achieved using a mixture of old paints from a variety of sources mixed with new raw materials such as pigments and binders. Most of these coatings are still only between 50-70% of what would be classed as truly recycled. However, there will always be the argument that these are nevertheless better for the environment than modern paints if you are looking for a product that has been responsibly sourced and better for the environment in general. Recycled paint is environmentally preferable to new paint, yet maintains comparable quality.

The products shown within the "Special Mixes" & Non-Standard" category still exist within our portfolio of paints and coatings but are, by their nature, low volume sellers. They are offered on a made to order basis only and are all subject to minimum quantities.

What we offer.
Our recycled coatings are made up of 90-95% recycled ingredients. Elements of our “recycled” paint which are new, but are required by legislation to produce a “saleable” product, include new containers, filtering methods and the means of mixing. We only offer colour ranges from the ingredients we have to recycle. Our range and choice of colours will come and go and stock will last as long as we can manufacture from the components we have available at that time. If you can’t see what you are looking for please call us as we may be still be able to help with your needs. Call 01202 295570.

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Non-Standard Paints & Coatings (Special Mixes)
Non-Standard Paints & Coatings (Special Mixes)
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Zinc Phosphate Self-Priming Finish A79 [See more]

A high quality, fast drying, anti-corrosive Zinc Phosphate Self-Priming Finish suitable for direct application to ferrous metals. (Subject to minimum batch mixes).

Coverage: 23 - 35 sq metres per 5.0 Litres @ 75 microns dry film thickness.