High Performance, Heat Resistant & Chemical Resistant Paints

A range of specialist paints and coatings for use in aggressive and demanding environments. Includes; Chlorinated Rubber Paint, Acrylated Rubber Paint, High and Medium Temperature paints and coatings suitable for use on surfaces with high operating temperatures.

Typical applications include tank farms, sewerage facilities, buried steel, chemical bunds and plant, wind and solar farms, process plants, industrial ovens and chimneys, industrial and manufacturing exhausts, industrial radiators and hot air blowers/ducting.

To protect valuable assets and infrastructure when specifying, always consider a scheduled maintenance cycle to fit in with the service life of the coatings or system. The use of cheaper paints will result in more frequent repainting and prove more costly in the long term.

Draw on over 70 years of experience on multi-use applications. These are very specialist products often required for use in extreme situations and are intended for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

Please contact our Technical Team for assistance with identification of the most appropriate products for your requirements. Call 01202 295570.

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Two Pack Epoxy Multi Surface Chemical Resistant Primer in Grey & White WBP1020 [See more]

Durable chemical-resistant epoxy primer for use on concrete, brick, tile, steel and non-ferrous metals, and a wide range of other substrates. Low odour suitable for food factories, dairies, etc. Available in Grey & White in 5.0 Litre composite containers.

Coverage: 10.4m² per litre at 50 microns, subject to substrate.