5th August 2020

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playing squash safely, advice & guidance for painting a squash courtEngland Squash has released full guidance for squash clubs and other venues to facilitate safe play ahead of courts being allowed to reopen in England from 25 July.

In order to reopen, clubs and venues are obliged to ensure that they have completed a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment and developed a robust and practical ‘COVID-19 Secure Plan’ – guidance for both are provided by England Squash. Each venue has its own unique layout and set of circumstances, so plans must be tailored to suit specific needs. It is each venue’s responsibility to make an assessment, based on their individual circumstances, as to whether they can facilitate safe play and reopen.

Now and over next few weeks may provide a great opportunity to refurbish your courts using our A147 Squash Court Paint and WBP1030 Universal Primer. Working hand-in-hand with the England Squash Risk Assessment and Cleaning Recommendations for the Return to Play, newly painted courts will provide the ideal foundation with which to attract players and coaches back on to your courts.

Full Guidance to Preparing and Painting your Squash Courts is provided HERE and can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF HERE.

Our Squash Court Paints also include A147 Red Line Marking Paint.

Call Technical Paint Services on 01202 295570.

For players, among other initiatives, England Squash are providing advice on alternative ways to Play Squash and Stay Safe, with Guidelines For Returning To Court Safely.

Operators of squash venues and other sports/gym facilities may wish to read the UK Governments latest guidance - Guidance for people who work in grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities.