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Squash Court Line Marking Paint. Buy Squash Court Paint.

Squash Court Line Marking Paint, WB147 RED

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Water Based Squash Court Line Marking Paint. Red Line Marking Paint in RAL3020 or BS04E53 red. A tough, durable, water based finish created for use in Squash Courts. In 5.0 & 2.5 Litre containers. For red line-marking, we recommend two coats on floors and walls, requiring 2.5 Litres per court. Other colours available, subject to minimum mix. Due to demand, our popular A147 Solvent Oil Based Squash Court Paint is now re-available. 

Full Preparation & Application advice HERE.

Squash Court Wall Paint also available.

Our Price WB147: £73.60 (Exc VAT) per 5.0 Litres, £38.95 (Exc VAT) per 2.5 Litres. Our Price A147: £79.93 (Exc VAT) per 5.0 Litres, £47.48 (Exc VAT) per 2.5 Litres. STILL at 2023 PRICE!

Coverage: 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

Please Note: England Squash is always available to assist with and advise on all aspects of squash court maintenance and repair.

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