Agricultural & Farm Paints

Industrial and Agricultural coatings for barns, slurry pits, silos, milking parlours and for general farm refurbishment and maintenance. Developed for use on the many and varied surfaces met everyday in the agricultural workplace. For guidance please contact our Technical Team and see our SURFACES index.

A broad range of coatings for farm equipment and buildings, includes red oxides, bitumens, barn paints, aluminium paint, horticultural finishes, roofing paints, anti-corrosive primers, coloured oxides and anti-rust treatments.

We also offer a budget range of coloured bitumens and glosses in bulk, in limited colours. Bespoke colours can be made to order subject to batch minimums.

We manufacture specialised paints such as non-toxic for dairies and abattoirs plus sewage resistant coatings. Paints for feather edge board and to encapsulate Asbestos cement sheets. Floor paints for veterinary clinics, milking parlours, stables, horse boxes. Specialist resistant paints for equine pools, kennels and catteries. A limited recycled range to enhance your green credentials.

Certain surfaces may need cleaning or pre-treatment. Please see our PRE-TREATMENT products.

Please contact our Technical Team for help. Call 01202 295570.

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Acrylated Rubber Undercoat RU1007 [See more]

NEW FORMULATION. A newly modified soft solvated undercoat for use as a suitable base and to add grip and build to the surface followed by subsequent application of R1007 Acrylated Rubber Paint, when it is suitable for use in pool halls on moisture resistant surfaces. Can be used for veterinary clinics, milking parlours, stables, kennels and catteries.

Coverage: 35 - 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres depending on the surface profile.

Acrylated Rubber, Damp Tolerant & Chemical Resistant Paint, BS4800 & RAL colours. R1007 [See more]

NEW EASY TO APPLY FORMULATION. Acrylated Rubber Damp Tolerant Paint. A fast drying, single pack finish, which has mild resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Suitable for use in damp, humid or moist environments, is ideally suited for application to swimming pool enclosures & structures, pool ceilings and pool halls on moisture resistant surfaces. Can be used for launderettes, dry-cleaners, veterinary clinics, milking parlours, stables, kennels and catteries. White & Pastel shades in 5.0 Litres. Darker BS4800 colours and some RAL colours available in minimum of 50.0 Litres.

Coverage: Up to 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres @ 25 microns dry film thickness.

Pliolite Based Masonry Paint in Pastel Shades & White A58 [See more]

Pliolite based masonry paint. A durable, weather resistant, Pliolite solvent based coating with a low sheen finish which can be shower proof in one hour or less. Ideal for low temperature application.

Coverage: 30 - 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres per coat. Textured finish will be lower at 20 - 30 sq metres per coat.