Pre-Treatments, Degreasers, Cleaners & Thinners

Technical Paints pre-treatment products for surface preparation prior to painting and coatingEssential pre-treatment products for surface preparation prior to painting and coating. Acid Etch Cleaner - a balanced acid solution specially formulated to prepare concrete surfaces such as floors, for painting. Mordant Solution for treating new bright galvanised steel surfaces to improve adhesion qualities. VOC-free rust converter to avoid costly grit blasting.

A range of single and two pack thinners to complement our paint products.

When using a high performance coating it is vital to ensure that the surfaces to be treated are well prepared and clean before coating as this will help ensure that surface contamination is minimised and will help achieve a quality finish. Please see our free guide: GUIDANCE FOR PREPARATION. Cleaners, gun wash and degreasers also available.

To ensure the correct choice of paint or coating and with so much emphasis on good preparation, we recommend you talk with our Technical Team prior to undertaking any major project. Call us on 01202 295570.

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Fertan Rust Converter Rust Treatment [See more]

stockists of fertan rust converter rust treatment,Fertan Rust Converter. Designed to be the best converter and remover of rust to provide a surface suitable for overcoating. Use Fertan in place of shot-blasting and achieve the same finish "out of the can"! Depending on the environment Fertan will provide resistance to further rust for up to 6 months without painting (environment dependent). Fertan provides you with all the benefits of shot blasting with no surface damage and no material loss. We are Fertan stockists. You can buy Fertan Rust Converter in 1.0 Litre & 5.0 Litre containers. Strictly Net Price.

Mordant Solution X85 [See more]

A pre-treatment for new, galvanised metal surfaces.

Coverage: 100 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

Muriatic Acid Wash Hard Surface Swimming Pool Cleaner AWC1035 [See more]

Acid Wash Cleaner (Hydrochloric or Muriatic Acid). Recommended for use before re-painting your pool. This powerful acid based cleaner is designed as a pre-treatment to promote and help clean concrete, stone surfaces and old painted surfaces. It should be used to remove calcium scale, chemical residue, body fats, suntan oils and other surface contaminates on the pool surfaces and surrounding areas. Available from stock.

Our Price: £16.95 (Exc VAT) per 5.0 Litres.

Universal Synthetic Thinners UTR112 [See more]

A specially formulated synthetic thinners suitable for use with all alkyd, chlorinated rubber and one pack polyurethane paint finishes.

X19 Universal Gunwash, Degreaser & Metal Cleaner [See more]

A powerful solvent based cleaner for spraying equipment, brushes and rollers, which is capable of removing cellulose and spirit lacquers. Also suitable as a metal cleaner including copper, brass and aluminium, may also be used as a degreaser.