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Decorators Aluminium Wood Primer. For application to resinous wood, plywood and hardboard.

Decorators Aluminium Wood Primer APM49

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CALL 01202 295570 to ORDER. A modified, oil bound primer containing flake aluminium, designed for application to all hardwoods like Oak, Teak, Walnut and Sapele, and is also suitable for plywood and hardboard. When used in combination with the A49 range it replaces AP49 (standard) Primer and is then followed by two coats of AU49 Undercoat and two coats of A49 Finish (topcoat). It can also be over-painted with any oil or alkyd based system. VOC compliant, as used and trusted by professional painters and craftsmen.

To overcoat with a water based system please contact our Technical Team for advice.

Our Price: £87.70 (Exc VAT) per 5.0 Litres, £48.52 (Exc VAT) per 2.5 Litres.

Coverage: 45 - 50 sq metres per 5.0 Litres.

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